Check out some of my design work! Ranging from high fidelity website designs using Figma to blog post banners created in Adobe Illustrator. See for yourself...


Portfolio Examples

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UI/UX Design Logo Design Blog Post Banners Illustrations

UI/UX Design

Web Manage

Web manage is an online SaaS (software as a service) that is aimed at freelance web developers and small creative agencies.

It acts as ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for its developers by providing tools that can be used to help run their business, such as: project and client management; invoicing and estimates; file sharing; online contract signing and time tracking.

The aim of Web Manage is to provide users with a centralised platform that consolidates features that would typically be spread across multiple services.


  • Design a logo for the company that aligns with their brand value.
  • Establish and create brand guidelines.
  • Design responsive marketing website that is easy to navigate around and allows users to browse through all the different features, find out pricing and sign up.
  • Design the mobile app for web manage that is user-friendly and easy to use with a clean design.
Web Manage phone app mockups
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Jess Pickup - Portfolio Site

The challenge was to design my own portfolio website, brand guidelines and logo. The aim of creating my portfolio is to showcase my work.


  • Design a logo that represents me and my style.
  • Design a responsive portfolio website that is easy to navigate around and showcases my skills and work experience.
  • Establish brand guidelines.
  • Design open graph image and social media profile banners.
Jess Pickup website mockup
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Logo Design

Not only do I enjoy designing apps, websites and illustrations. I have also designed a few logos in the past. See for yourself...

Short Url Logo.png
Ribble Valley Golf Society.png
Nhs Net Carbon Zero Logo.png
Jess Pickup.png
Webmanage Logo.png
Commandspinner Logo.png

Blog Post Banners

Creating blog banners are one of my favourite things to design! Check out some of my designs below...

Do I Need To Write Tests For My Website.png
How To Force Eager Loading And Prevent N 1 Issues In Laravel.png
How To Use The Sole Method On Laravel Collections.png
How To Validate Email Addresses Using Laravel Mailbox Layer.png
6 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Laravel Website Min.png
Interfaces Versus Abstract Classes In Php.png
How To Make Your Laravel App More Testable.png
Cleaning Up Laravel Controllers.png
How Get Currency Exchange Rates In Laravel.png
How To Filter Laravel Collections Using Whereinstanceof.png
Using Semantic Elements To Improve Your Html.png
7 Top Tips For New Web Developers.png
5 Things I Learned From Building My Own Laravel Package.png
Top 8 Free And Paid Resources For Learning Laravel.png
How To Add Breadcrumbs To Your Laravel Website.png
How To Create Your Own Helper Functions In Laravel.png
How To Swap Items In An Array Using Laravel Macros.png
How To Assert Redirects To Signed Urls In Laravel Tests.png
17 Ways To Get Your Website To Win.png
Clean Coders Guide To Laravel Blog Post.png
Setting Up Tailwind Css In Laravel.png


When I’m not busy designing apps and websites, I enjoy creating illustrations in Adobe Illustrator! Want to see more? Check out my Dribbble.

Web Development Flat Design.png
Girl On Laptop.png
Dog Walking.png
Man Desk Flat Design.png
Ash Allen Space.png
Web Design Flat Design.png
Pink Desk.png